Bicycle Rentals

Prices starting at $25 / day.

Reserve Online or call for more details ( 843.789.3281 ). See our reviews on Trip Advisor.

With operating costs substantially lower than the other local bicycle shops and direct factory connections, Affordabike is able to offer rentals at considerably lower rates than our competitors.

Leisurely activities have a critical tipping point where fun becomes affordable. Jetski rentals, expensive tours, and similar activities count on travelers with an excess of money to spend. This is simply just not the case for many Americans in this day and age. Affordabike understands that people need an affordable activity for the whole family, and not an activity that will last for only thirty minutes.

Affordabike is your bicycle rental brand of choice for the following reasons:

  1. Affordability

    -We have the best rates in town by far. Our competitor's daily rental rates are $28 and $32 per bicycle. This is more than some rental cars! We are proud to start our daily rentals at an unbelievable $25 per bicycle and our weekly rentals at $55 per bicycle.

  2. Availability

    -With 10,000 sqft of space we are never short on room to store rentals. We are almost never out of rental bikes.

  3. Variety

    -We know that riders of different ages and sizes require or prefer different types of bicycles. With that in mind, we are proud to offer six different bicycles to accommodate all types of riders.